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Sijo Joseph   Lando

Founder of TAOMA

Height: 6‘-2"

Weight: 185lbs.


Place of Birth: Puerto Rico

Photo from Joseph Lando's New Movie Zack: Enfrentamiento Mortal

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TAOMA or The Tao of Martial Arts is a level of understanding that Sijo Joseph Lando has reached through his Spiritual Cultivation and the knowledge acquired during more than 40 years practicing different Martial Arts. (See Background below.) Sijo Joseph Lando is a certified instructor in several arts, including: Jeet Kune Do -Bruce Lee's Martial Arts Concept- (Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jun Fan Wing Chun, Jun Fan Kick Boxing), Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Xing Chi Qung, Karate and Combat Wrestling, amongst others.


TAOMA o El Tao de las Artes Marciales es un nivel de entendimiento, el cual Sijo Joseph Lando alcanzó, a través de su Cultivación Espiritual y el conocimiento adquirido por más de cuarenta años en la practica de diversas Artes Marciales (ver Martial Arts Background abajo). Sijo Joseph Lando posee multiples certificados de instructor, entre los que se encuentran: Jeet Kune Do      -Concepto de Artes Marciales de Bruce Lee- (Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jun Fan Wing Chun, Jun Fan Kick Boxing), Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai (Boxeo Tailandés), Xing Chi Qung, Karate y Lucha de Combate, entre otros.

Martial Arts Background


   Martial Arts Practiced and Instructors:

   Guro Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee's Training Partner)

  • Jeet Kune Do Concepts

  • Jun Fan Gung Fu (Kickboxing & Wing Chun) 

  • Filipino Martial Arts (Kali / Escrima / Arnis)


   Sifu Larry Hartsell, RIP  (Bruce Lee's Student)

  • JKD's Grappling

   Sifu Tim Tacket

  • JKD's Fighting Concept

   Master Chai Sirisute (Arjan Chai)

   (Muay Thai Champion)

  • Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

   Grand Master Paul De Thouars, RIP &

   Pendekar Agung Victor De Thouars

  • Pentjak Silat / Tongkat Silat

   Sifu Francis Fong

  • Wing Chun


   Bill "Superfoot" Wallace​

  • Kick Boxing


   Grand Master Stephen K. Hayes

  • Ninjutsu


   Professor Salem Assli​

  • Savate (French Kickboxing)


   Meijin Sankei José "Tony" Pabón​

  • Taifu-Shoi Karate-Do

   Wrestling Medalist José Betancourt​

  • Wrestling

   Other  Martial Arts practiced by Joseph Lando:

   Judo, Western Boxing and Fencing. 

JL & Chai.jpg

Joseph Lando &

Guro Dan Inosanto

Master Chai & Joseph Lando

Joseph Lando Wrestling Medalist

Joseph Lando

Martial Art Champion

Guro Dan Inosanto & Joseph Lando

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

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  • The University of Puerto Rico (Bayamón) 

  • Bachelor of Science 

    • Major - Electronic Engineering

    • Minor - Instrumentation

  • FAA Pilot Licences (Dual-Rated-Pilot)

    • Commercial / Instrument Airplane & Helicopter Pilot

    • Air Transport Pilot

    • Airplane & Helicopter Flight Instructor

    • Instrument Flight Instructor

    • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor / Instrument

    • Night Vision Goggles

  • Postgraduate studies at Hollywood Film Institute 

    • Film Production and Direction

    • Screen Writer

  • Acting Courses at University of Puerto Rico (Bayamón)

  • Author 

    • Eight books about Spiritual Cultivation


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