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Flight Instructor & Fleet


Joseph Lando


President and Flight Instructor Pegasus Flight Training 


Joseph is a dual rated pilot and he has been teaching for over 25 years. Before becoming a rotary wing & Fixed Wing flight instructor, he was a college professor, a film producer, a director, an author and a Martial Artist. He earned a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering and Instrumentation. 


Joseph has taught students from many different countries. He is patient, thorough, caring and his students like to call him “the professor.” 


    Guiding someone through the process of becoming a pilot should not be just a means of  

    accumulating flight hours or making money. It is an art. I strive to impart my knowledge while  

    perfecting the art. My reward is to watch students learn, grow, pass exams and earn their licenses.  

    I love teaching. That is why I do it.  

                                                                                 - Joseph Lando   

Flight Instructor

Joseph Lando




  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Helicopter, Single Engine Land (SEL) & Multi Engine Airplane (MEI) 

  • Certified Flight Instrument Instructor Helicopter, SEL (CFII) &  Multi Engine Airplane (MEI-I) 

  • Air Transport Pilot Helicopter  

  • Advance Ground Instructor  

​ ​ 



  • Night Vision Goggles Instructor 

  • Part 135 Experience / EMS Pilot  

  • Glass Cockpit G500H  

  • GTN650 & Auto Pilot 


Aircrafts' flown: 


Cessna 172, BE76, PA28, PA34, PA44, S300CBi, R22, R44, B206B3/L1/L3+/L4 and EC130 helicopters.  


JL PA34.jpg
Welcome to the Fleet 

At Pegasus Flight Training we give instruction in C-172, PA28, BE76 Duchess. Helicopter training is also available. 

C172 -1.jpg
BE76 Duchess
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